KI ist ein Gamechanger: Jeder sollte möglichst früh von den Vorteilen der Künstlicher Intelligenz profitieren!

The world is being revolutionized right now - your company too?

Die künstliche Intelligenz ist dabei, die ganze Welt dauerhaft zu verändern.
Verändern sich auch Ihre Mitbewerber gerade?

People are not being replaced by AI, but by people using AI.

Skalierbare Effizienzsteigerungen: 24×7 verfügbar

We’re willing to bet with you if you bet on us:

We are happy to support you!

If, after creating objectives and setting realistic goals for your project, we cannot manage to help you…

you will receive a
100€ Amazon Gift Card.

Regardless if
(1) we help you with advice,
(2) networking or the
„richtigen“ Menschen verbinden oder
(3) implementation of your goals.

Obstacles don't block the way, they are the way.

Knowledge speaks,
but wisdom listens.

With AI, everything changes except our curiosity.

Öffentlicher Kurs „KI in der Wirtschaft“ am Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut (WIFI):
WIFI Graz:  Weitere Informationen
WIFI Wien: Weitere Informationen

Training von Teams, Unternehmensbereichen, Abteilungen oder 1:1 Coaching:  Bitte Kontakt aufnehmen

Cheat-GPT: The secret guide for Students to ChatGPT

  • Learn the Secret Functions of ChatGPT
  • No experience required
  • How to use ChatGPT effectively to preapre for tests, homework, etc.
  • Tips for writing a bachelor or master thesis
  • Open doors for students of all ages
  • How to effectively evade AI detectors
  • incl. 250+ prompts for students

The ChatGPT Masterclass (7 Levels)

  • No prior knowledge required.
  • Learn the secret functions of ChatGPT. Unique Insights of Prompt Engineering.
  • Incl. ChatGPT Version 4
  • Including 1,000+ Prompts
  • Special: Learn how to make money with ChatGPT

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

With the help of masterbrain, we have automated large parts of the sales and can therefore achieve steady sales increases in the double-digit percentage.

Susanne Kahr

Jit Si

A friend recommended Harald Koch to me when I started my new company. With this support, I am now one of the most important providers in this market.

Clemens Krahofer


Schön eine AI-Vertrauensperson für Marketing und Vertrieb zu haben, welche nicht nur eine „Backstage-Tour“ ermöglicht,
sondern auch mit Rat und Tat zur Seite steht.

Alexandra Weithofer


It is always a pleasure for me to receive good input and creative suggestions from Masterbrain. I see Harald Koch as a coach and companion to make the best of our opportunities.

Carmen Schützhöfer

Expert Clinic